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Wound Clinic

Sarah Hull, Director Wound Care Services

Carroll County Memorial Hospital 

(660) 542-1695 ext 3072

Did you know …

· Nearly 6 million Americans are affected   by chronic wounds.

· More than 1 million people with diabetes will develop foot ulcers.

· About 20-30 percent of those patients   will eventually undergo amputation.

We offer our patients innovative and advanced wound care services in a comfortable, convenient setting that’s close to home.

CCMH’s Outpatient Wound Clinic follows national guidelines established by clinical evidence-based practice when treating and managing wounds. We use proven, advanced techniques to heal many different types of wounds.

Types of wounds treated:

· Diabetic wounds

· Pressure Injuries

· Vascular Leg Ulcers

· Post surgical or traumatic wounds

· Wounds cause by edema, cancer, radiation treatment, burns, infections and scleroderma

There are many treatment methods available to manage your wound.

CCMH Outpatient Wound Clinic provides:

· Advanced Wound Care Dressings and Products

· Debridement

· Maggot Therapy

· Regenerative graft applications