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Community Health Needs Assessment

Based on the findings from the 2015 CHNA, CCMH has continuously been working on community health engagement. Jenny Carter was responsible for gathering and authoring the 2018 Carroll County CHNA. Jenny obtained her Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Public Health from the University of Missouri-Columbia and her Doctorate of Public Health from Loma Linda University. Carroll County Memorial Hospital, Cindy Gilman also contributed and assisted with the 2018 Carroll County CHNA and Implementation Plan.

Two community stakeholder meetings were conducted at CCMH during February and April 2018 to assess public perceptions of the county’s health status and unmet needs. The stakeholders included those knowledgeable about the community, influential leaders, and health care providers/services. One-on-one meetings were also conducted with key stakeholders such as the administrator of the Carroll County Health Department.

The report followed the 2017 Guidance for Completing A Community Health Needs Assessment published by the Missouri Hospital Association [MHA] in addition to the most recent laws and regulations requirements for taxexempt hospitals.

Priorities were evaluated according to issue prevalence and severity, informed by county primary and secondary data. Input provided by key stakeholders, focus groups, and other community members was also considered when developing the primary survey as well as ranking the top three health priorities. CCMH considered a number of criteria in ranking the top priorities, including magnitude and severity of each problem, the hospital’s resources to address the problem, the impact of the problem on vulnerable populations, existing resources already addressing the problem, and potential risk associated with delaying intervention on the problem. A series of meetings were conducted following the findings to identify resources, strategies, and activities aimed at improving each priority area
of need from the CHNA.

Key Findings

  • Mental Health: Youth and Adult
  • Lifestyle Behaviors
  • Access to Care

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