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Nutrition Services

Kristy Heussner, MS, RDN, LD

Registered Dietician 

(660) 542-1695

Nikki Whipkins

Director of Nutrition Services

(660) 542-1695

The CCMH 4 Corners Café is open daily to serve hospital staff and patients.  The Café partners with Care Connections to offer Meals on Wheels to the community.  4 Corners Café is located on the east side of the hospital with the same entrance as Lifestyle Fitness Center.  The café consists of several different food options.  An expanded salad bar with varying soups available, along with fruit daily and grilled items, offer some lighter, healthier fare, while a homestyle serving line offers some of CCMH’s signature homemade entrées, sides, and desserts.  The homestyle entrées, soups, sides, and desserts will vary daily to offer an increased variety of items, while the grilled and fried options will be available daily.