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Outpatient Services

Jennifer Hostetter, BSN, RN

Outpatient Clinic Nurse Manager

(660) 329-6079

Carroll County Memorial Hospital is dedicated to providing quality healthcare close to home.  Receiving care in our Outpatient Clinic is not only convenient but also comprehensive as we offer multiple specialties, which include:

Cardiology Clinic

Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic

Hematology Clinic

Interventional Pain Management Clinic

Neurology Clinic

Oncology Clinic

Orthopedic Clinic

Podiatry Clinic

Pulmonary Clinic

Rheumatology Clinic

Surgery Clinic

Tele-dermatology Clinic

Tele-endocrinology Clinic

Urology Clinic

Vascular Clinic

The Outpatient Clinic also has Infusion Center designed to meet the needs of our community.   The environment is welcoming with comfortable heated and massaging treatment chairs, television sets, meal and snack options available and free wi-fi.  Treatment at our infusion center can be as brief as a quick injection or require a full-day transfusion. Our nurses are skilled and caring.  We provide:

•Antibiotic Therapy

•Biologic Therapy

•Blood Draws

•Catheter Care and Maintenance



•Iron Replacement Therapy


•Intravenous Therapy and Fluids

•Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG)

•Transfusion of Blood and Blood Products