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Swing Bed Services

Misty Kemble-Williams, BSW

Social Work Case Management Coordinator

(660) 329-6087

Carroll County Memorial Hospital offers special services to patients needing further care and assistance returning to their normal level of function. During their stay, patients receive daily skilled services, with activities and education, created to meet their individual needs.

What is Swing Bed Care?

When patients reach a point in their recovery that acute care is no longer necessary, but they are not quite ready to return home, they can be evaluated for this special program that provides skilled follow-up care. Swing bed care is a wonderful option that is particularly helpful whenever a patient needs only a few more days or weeks in order to reach their optimal recovery. Even if the original qualifying hospital stay occurred elsewhere, patients still have the ability to receive swing bed services at Carroll County Memorial Hospital.

Who qualifies for Swing Bed Services?

  • Patients needing rehabilitative physical therapy services following an orthopedic surgery
  • Patients needing IV therapy
  • Patients needing care of wounds which require daily evaluation and treatment by skilled personnel
  • Patients with stroke (CVA) requiring rehabilitative therapy

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How do I qualify for Swing Bed under Medicare program?

A consecutive 4-day, acute level hospital stay within 30 days of admission to swing bed.

Insurance Coverage:

Once your stay is approved, Medicare Part A will pay for all services for a total of 20 days, provided your need for skilled care continues and you have not exhausted your benefit. From the 21st to the 100th day, a deductible will apply which many supplemental insurances cover.

Swing Bed Services includes: 

  • Wound Care
  • IV therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Transfer from another hospital

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For more information about Swing Bed Services, contact Misty Kemble-Williams, BSW, CCMH Case Manager, at 660-329-6087 or click here to see our brochure.