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Wound Clinic

Carroll County Memorial Hospital 

(660) 329-6055

Carroll County Memorial Hospital's Wound Clinic has certified, wound-care nurses. The clinic received the Tissue Analytics Award of Excellence in Digital Helath, Mobile Wound Imagina and Documentation.

We offer our patients innovative and advanced wound care services in a comfortable, convenient setting that’s close to home.

CCMH’s Outpatient Wound Clinic follows national guidelines established by clinical evidence-based practice when treating and managing wounds. We use proven, advanced techniques to heal many different types of wounds.

Taking Appointments 5 days a week!

Types of wounds treated:

· Diabetic wounds

· Pressure Injuries

· Vascular Leg Ulcers

· Post surgical or traumatic wounds

· Wounds cause by edema, cancer, radiation treatment, burns, infections and scleroderma

There are many treatment methods available to manage your wound.

CCMH Outpatient Wound Clinic provides:

· Advanced Wound Care Dressings and Products

· Debridement

· Maggot Therapy

· Regenerative graft applications



Dr. Andy Horine, MD, Wound Care Medical Director

Dr. Horine serves as the Medical Director for CCMH Outpatient Wound Clinic. He directly supervises all wound staff, maintains proficiencies, and assists with quality and clinical improvement practices.

Tara Swan, FNP-BC, WCC, Wound Care Provider

Tara is Wound Care Certified through National Alliance of Wound Care. She manages all types of acute and chronic wounds in addition to providing conservative sharp wound  debridement treatments.

Jonna Rechterman, FNP-BC, ENP-BC, Wound Care Provider

Jonna has a passion for providing patients with high-quality wound care. She manages all types of acute and chronic wounds in addition to providing conservative sharp wound debridement

Nicole Billups, LPN, Wound Care Nurse Manager 

For more information about the CCMH Wound Clinic, please call (660) 329-6055 or email