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A letter from a Patient’s Family

My mother was brought to the Carroll County Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. She was immediately identified as having a stroke and the team assembled. She received TPA, a clot-dissolving medication, and Life Flight Eagle was called to transport her to Research Medical Center.

The rapid response of your staff resulted in a positive outcome for my mother and our family. The physician at Research Medical Center was very clear the outcome of her stroke was a direct result of the quick treatment and reaction of the Emergency Room Staff at Carrollton.

My mother has recovered with little to no residual effect. Not every family can have a success story when it comes to a family member affected by a stroke. We owe a big Thank You to the Emergency Room Physicians, Nurses and other staff that had anything to contribute to my mother’s care. Without the response she received, she may very well have been living a life of therapy and fighting the disability of the results of the stroke, or may even have perished.

As a family, we appreciate what you have done for our Mother!

Grateful Recipients

  • Receiving the tuition assistance was a great honor to me. With 2 small children at home and working full time hours, going back to school was already a challenge and receiving the assistance was a huge help to me. I am proud to now have my BSN. Thank you so much!
  • I very much appreciate the financial assistance I received from the CCMH Foundation Tuition Assistance program. The assistance motivated me to take that challenge of going back to school and improving on my skills as a Medical Laboratory Technician. I am so encouraged by the fact that there are people out there who have and are willing to assist students financially in school.  I was lucky to have been selected as one of them. The help I received made a huge difference towards my tuition. Because of this help I am determined to complete my degree as a Medical Technologist and help out patients in CCMH.  I would like to thank the CCMH Foundation immensely for helping to educate students and me in particular.
  • I am forever grateful to the Foundation for the investment in my education. The tuition assistance has provided me with the opportunity to further my education by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Thank you for making a dream a reality. 

If you are interested in donating or pledging to CCMH Foundation, please contact Rachel Davidson.

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