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Area Resident Thankful for Wound Clinic

March 23, 2016

CARROLLTON, Mo. -- Virginia VanTrump is happy that Carroll County Memorial Hospital has so many services offered to local residents. She was travelling to Liberty once a week and had to hire a driver to take her.

“It was quite an ordeal,” she stated. After having a procedure at another location, Virginia needed physical therapy and wound care management. She started coming to CCMH to receive these services rather than having the lengthy ride.

“The therapy department really got me going,” Virginia said. “They girls worked awful hard and did a wonderful job.”

Chrisann Floyd and the therapy team worked diligently with Virginia both to get her walking again and care for the wound.

After two months of therapy and one stubborn wound later, Dr. Smith suggested that she be seen in the hospital’s outpatient wound clinic. She was reluctant at first, but Dr. Smith assured her that there were new staff at the wound clinic and she would benefit from seeing them.

She started visiting the wound clinic and was very pleased with the service she received from Nurse Practitioner Tara Swan and Nurses Sarah Hull and Lauren Germann.

“I got discouraged, but I knew I had to buckle up and go,” she said. “(Sarah, Lauren and Tara) did such good work.”

“She did very well and was a delight to see every week,” Swan said.

In less than three months, they were able to heal the wound and she was able to go back to normal routines.