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Carroll County Memorial Hospital Board Adds New Members

March 14, 2022

In January, Rex Buhrmester retired from the
Carroll County Memorial Hospital Board of Directors
after 15 years of service. (Rachel Harper/CCMH)

CARROLLTON, Mo. – Carroll County Memorial Hospital welcomed two new members to the Board of Directors in February.

Rex Buhrmester, former president, served for 15 years on the Board of Directors. Randall Barry served for 25 years on the board.

“It is very rare to see individuals serve more than a couple terms as board members,” said Scott Thoreson, CCMH CEO. “However, the historical significance of Rex and Randall’s tenure has really helped keep our Board very stable and knowledgeable about key healthcare issues. Their years and dedication to CCMH and the patients we serve will forever be appreciated.”

In December, six candidates submitted qualified applications for the openings. Each candidate brought unique levels of experience.

In February, CCMH welcomed new Board members Kevin Brown and Tom Anderson, who will serve three-year terms.

“Each of these experienced individuals have been key components of success within our communities,” Thoreson said. “CCMH may have lost some experienced hospital Board members, but the expertise and experience of these two new Board members will assure the continued successful direction of Carroll County Memorial Hospital and all of its entities.”

In January, Randall Barry retired from the
Carroll County Memorial Hospital Board of Directors
after 25 years of service. (Rachel Harper/CCMH)

“I have been a lifelong resident of Carroll County and have enjoyed watching and helping it grow,” Brown said. “The hospital is such a vital part of the county and this community, and I feel my experience with finances would be a benefit to this board. I believe in Carroll County and want to be a part of it continuing to grow and prosper.”

“I feel it is a civic duty of community residents to volunteer their talents and skills to help our community offer services and programs to community members,” Anderson said. “I want our community to grow and thrive in every possible way. I am very thankful for the work done at CCMH to provide such a wide range of important services to area residents.”                

The board is comprised of Jennifer Poston, OD, president; Jodi Ahnedfeld, PharmD, RPh, vice president; Matt Lock, secretary/treasurer; Tom Anderson; Anna Barlow; Kevin Brown; Shelly Kussman; Kim Ritchhart; Wade Mertensmeyer; Timothy Reid, MD; and Scott Thoreson, CEO.

“As the CEO of CCMH, I am very excited to have an opportunity to work with this Board to discover how we can continue to better serve our patients and the citizens of CCMH’s service area,” Thoreson said.

For more information about the services at Carroll County Memorial Hospital, visit our website or call 660-542-1695.

Carroll County Memorial Hospital (CCMH), the area’s premier healthcare resource, is a 25-bed Critical Access facility serving Carrollton and the surrounding communities. It offers 24-hour emergency care, specialized services such as advanced diagnostics, post-acute skilled care (swing bed) and comprehensive family care. CCMH is dedicated to the Health and Well Being of All We Serve. For more information, visit