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CCMH Celebrates Heart Health Month With AHA Donation

March 14, 2019

CCMH employees wearing red for a donation in honor of Heart Health Month.

Carroll County Memorial Hospital acknowledged heart health awareness by encouraging employee involvement and raising funds for the American Heart Association. For the month of February, the hospital also took on a hue of red in lights and decorations.

Employees sported red attire for GO RED Day on February 1, and held a second a casual dress day on February 14 for a one dollar donation. In collaboration with Valentine’s Day, they sponsored a carnation fundraiser again this year, offering fellow employees a chance to support the cause while lifting each other up with a flower. These efforts raised $397 for the American Heart Association.

“On Valentine’s day, a special meal was prepared to promote Heart Health Month,” said Kristy Heussner, CCMH Nutrition Services Director and Registered Dietician.  “This menu was chosen with your heart health as the goal! The meal included salmon, which is a great source of protein and is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, to promote nutrition and a healthy heart. Couscous was also served, which provides a high amount of selenium, that may help lower heart disease risk by reducing inflammation and stress in the body. Even though couscous is often served as a side dish, it actually provides about 6 grams of plant-based protein per cup. Vegetables and fruits were also offered to promote heart health by increasing fiber and nutrients in your body.  I hope you were able to join us for a special meal honoring your heart.”

CCMH employee, Abbie Backes, also offered four sessions of chair yoga to all staff during February as a relaxing outlet to relieve stress and tension. 

According to the American Heart Association, stress sets off a chain of events. First, you have a stressful situation that’s usually upsetting but not harmful. The body reacts to it by releasing a hormone, adrenaline, that temporarily causes your breathing and heart rate to speed up and your blood pressure to rise. These physical reactions prepare you to deal with the situation by confronting it or by running away from it — the ‘fight or flight’ response.

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