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CCMH Celebrates National Mammography Day with Video Release

October 15, 2021

Carroll County Memorial Hospital now offers 3D Mammography. Our radiologist are, from left, Nicole Collette, Hilary Taylor, Autumn O'Neal and Christina Gautier.

CARROLLTON, Mo. – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Carroll County Memorial Hospital celebrated National Mammography Day October 15 with the release of a special video that encompasses the story of two local women who are breast cancer survivors.

Breast cancer affects one in eight women in their lifetime. The American College of Radiology recommends women schedule their first mammogram at age 40 and annually thereafter.

“The scariest part for me was just hearing the word ‘cancer,’” said Gwen Thoreson, breast cancer survivor.

CCMH has a unique program that helps patients navigate through the journey between diagnosis and treatment. The Nurse Navigator program, headed up by Amanda Riley, RN, guides patients through multiple appointments and facilities after receiving a new or worsening diagnosis while shortening the timeframe to recovery.

“Being the role as Nurse Navigator, it allows me to be the patient advocate between different facilities,” Riley said. “They don’t have to worry about making their own appointments. They don’t have to worry about getting their medical records where they are supposed to be between the different specialists and doctors that they see.”

Nurse Navigators are utilized in oncology nationwide. At CCMH, the navigator works closely with the patient’s primary care provider, nursing staff, radiologist, oncologist and other healthcare professionals.

“Being able to take part of that load off of them is very rewarding for myself in knowing that I can maybe make their journey through a very difficult time a little bit easier,” Riley said.

“If I had to go back and tell myself anything before I had my diagnosis, I would just say, ‘Good job for going in and having that mammogram annually,’ because they detected it early,” Thoreson said. “It wasn’t as scary because I figured it was in the early stages and treatment would not be the dreaded chemo. Because they detected early, I didn’t have to go through that.”

Carroll County Memorial Hospital Foundation assisted the hospital in the purchase of the new mammography unit. CCMH performed their first 3D mammogram August 11.

According to American Cancer Society, many studies have found that 3D mammography appears to lower the chance of being called back for follow-up testing. It also appears to find more breast cancers, and several studies have shown it can be helpful in women with more dense breasts.

“There’s no excuse not to get one,” said Jaymie Pullin, breast cancer survivor. “I would not hesitate to ask any of my family members to go to Carroll County Memorial Hospital for their mammogram or for any type of treatment.”

To schedule a mammogram, call 660-542-1695 and ask for Radiology.

For more information about the services at Carroll County Memorial Hospital, visit our website or call 660-542-1695.

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