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CCMH Hosts First Patient in New Addition

June 17, 2016

CARROLLTON, MO -- The Carroll County Memorial Hospital proudly opened the new patient rooms to our first patient on Friday, June 17, 2016.

“We have been eagerly awaiting this event as it allows us to provide a better experience for those that need acute care or who need to utilize the swing bed program,” said Chief Nursing Officer Jeanne Meierer. 

What is a Swing Bed Program? 

“Swing bed” is a concept developed by Medicare in the 1970’s to help with the underutilized hospital beds and the lack of nursing home beds in rural areas. These two issues have resolved themselves over time, partly due to the conversion of most rural hospitals to Critical Access Hospitals like CCMH.

A swing bed doesn’t swing physically, but it swings in the way Medicare reimburses for the care provided to the patient. A patient being treated for an acute condition can remaining in the hospital for follow-up care rather than be discharged to home when they are not quite ready or discharged to the nursing home when they really only need care for a few more days or weeks. The patient stays in the same bed, receives the same care, but the services are billed differently. Or the patient may have been hospitalized in a facility away from home and be transferred back to CCMH for their swing bed stay.

How do I Qualify For Swing Bed under the Medicare Program?

A consecutive three-day, acute level hospital stay within 30 days of admission to swing bed.

Who needs Swing Bed Services?

Patients needing rehabilitative physical therapy services following an orthopedic surgery, Patients needing IV therapy, Patients needing care of wounds which require daily evaluation and treatment by skilled personnel, Patients with stroke (CVA) requiring rehabilitative therapy.

“The goal is to help the patient return to their home independently or with the help of other community resources,” said Jenny Yung, RN, Director of Medical Clinic Nursing and Case Manager at CCMH.

The first patient moving into the new rooms is Sarah Brayton of Carrollton, MO.

“I am so excited to be moving into my new room. This is a beautiful hospital and I can’t wait to look out my window and see my view. Everyone here has been so sweet to me, making sure I am comfortable,” Brayton said.