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CEO: End of Year 2022

December 14, 2022

Scott Thoreson, CCMH Chief Executive Officer

by Scott Thoreson, CCMH Chief Executive Officer

As we finish 2022, it is a time to count our blessings. Although Thanksgiving is traditionally more of the holiday and season to reflect, the Christmas season is definitely worthy of being grateful. At CCMH, we participate in several activities that allow us to give thanks and help others. One notable program is the Angel Tree, sponsored by the local Ministerial Alliance, which provides gifts to local children in need. Each year, our team looks forward to adopting “angels” off our special Christmas tree where there are tags sharing some information about the children. The tags also suggest the type of presents that might make their Christmas a little brighter. Last year, my wife and I participated in this for the first time. We found it to be humbling to have the ability to share our resources with children that are underprivileged. When I was growing up, I was in a similar circumstance, coming from a one parent household with extremely limited income.

Our fiscal year at CCMH runs from July 1 to June 30, so while the calendar year ends, our year as far as accounting goes does not end for about another 6 months. As we look back on the end of our fiscal year about 6 months ago, we were above budget for our net income and we have managed, for the most part, to have filled most of our positions. Staffing is currently the biggest challenge health care organizations now face, and this will continue into the future. We are grateful for our caring and dedicated staff that value our culture and desire to serve their family, friends and neighbors, even though they are heavily recruited to go elsewhere.

I hope this article has provided a bit more insight into one of the ways that CCMH and our employees reach out into the community to help meet the needs of our area’s residents. We hope you enjoyed a Merry Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year! If you have a certain topic you would like us to discuss, please reach out to us at I wish you good health!

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