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Heussner Named 2015 Employee of the Year

January 15, 2016

Kristy Heussner was named 2015 Employee of the Year.

CARROLLTON, Mo. -- Employee of the Year is a very special award at CCMH. The nominees are selected each month from nominations by their peers. With this process to be selected as a monthly winner is truly an honor.  Many times this is a CCMH Team member that doses not even work in the department the nominee works. The 12 finalist for Employee of the Year are then put on a ballot that is voted on by each department through departmental meetings. It is truly a selection by all employees of CCMH.

Some years the vote is very close. We have even had ties that I have had to reluctantly break. That was not the case this year. Although I do not have official records, I do not recall a vote that was as one sided as this year. Kristy Heussner, Director of Nutrition Services, was a landslide winner and this tells you a lot about how she is viewed by CCMH. She is the consummate behind the scenes hero. She never seeks the limelight but is involved in so much. Right or wrong (and more wrong than right), Nutrition Services is often the last Department notified when an event or function is planned. As frustrating as that could be, Kristy and her team never complain, they just get the job done, while we apologize and promise to give them more notice next time.  

Kristy balances a lot of things in her world. She is so dedicated to her staff, the employees and patients of CCMH. She volunteers a lot and manages a family and three active children. She is good at each of these work/life challenges and truly gets it. In fact, Kristy actually missed her big awards evening to take care of a family obligation. We missed honoring her but Kristy made the right decision, as she usually does. Congratulations Kristy. We are all proud of you winning the Employee of the Year for 2015.—Jeff Tindle, CCMH CEO