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Emergency Services

Deborah Smith, RN, BSN, Director of Emergency Services

Carroll County Memorial Hospital 

(660) 542-1695 ext 3065

Carroll County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) offers emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week for individuals of all ages. Our Emergency Department (ED) is equipped with state-of-the-art emergency medical equipment and can offer an array of diagnostic and support services. Our experienced staff are always ready to assist with your medical needs whether you are experiencing a minor emergency or a life-threatening situation.

CCMH is a designated STEMI and Stroke Center. CCMH initiates care and arranges rapid transport to a higher level of care. A secure landing site for helicopter transport is utilized, as well as, ground ambulance services.

ED for Children

Our Providers and nurses are trained to have the sensitivity and knowledge needed to treat our youngest patients. We are always prepared for your little one's accidents and illnesses.

Text Box: Top Symptoms Requiring ER Visits•	Head injury or other major trauma                              Open fractures•	Heart attack or stroke 					 Severe bleeding•	Life-threatening conditions 				 Signs of heart attack/chest pain•	Loss of consciousness 				 One-sided weakness or numbness•	Severe abdominal pain  				 Uncontrolled pain or bleeding